ISSN 1175-5407

Title: Human Resources Management in New Zealand, Fourth Edition

Author: Richard Rudman
Publisher: Pearson Education NZ Ltd, 2002
Book Reviewer: Tina-Mareta Nation – AFHRINZ
Review Date: February 2009

Book Review:

You would have to look far and wide to find another academic NZ HR commentator as accomplished and well regarded as Richard Rudman. In recognition of this the HRINZ use Richard’s text as the basis for the HR Foundations programme held several times per year for entry level and junior HR practitioners across this country – a programme that I have the privilege to facilitate and deliver. Given this, I was very honoured/scared to be asked to provide this review.

The textbook presents as is claimed a “comprehensive and practical discussion of people management concepts and techniques, all set in a context of New Zealand practice and experience”. It is written in a very easy conversational style – you can almost hear Richards’ monotone voice through the pages. I imagine sitting in comfy fireside armchairs sipping a glass of pinot while Richard smokes his pipe.

My vivid imagination aside, I recommend this as must read for all those getting started or wanting to get a general overview or feel for areas of HR they have not yet ventured into. My experience with individuals who fit this profile is once they have read this book they realise just how much they don’t know. All things can be improved, even those works completed by the masters.

My suggestion for this text is that for the line manager and more experienced HR professional I believe it could be enhanced with NZ based case studies to backup the recommendations –perhaps slipped into the back pages for easy reference. Stories – war stories and happy endings will better illustrate the best application of theory for this discipline.



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