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Editorial Review Board

The Editorial Review Board is a governing board who may or may not be involved in peer review for submitted journals. This is currently being updated. The Editor will select reviewers on the basis of subject expertise or appropriate academic background for each article submission.

  • Dr Maree Roche - Senior Lecturer - School of Psychology, University of Waikato

  • Dr David Brougham - School of Management, Massey University

  • Dr Kate Blackwood - School of Management, Massey University

  • Dr Jarrod Haar - CFHRINZ - Professor, School of Management, College of Business, Massey University (Albany)

  • Dr Jane Bryson - CFHRINZ - Associate Professor, School of Management, Associate Dean - Research, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Paul Toulson - DistFHRINZ - Associate Professor, School of Management -Massey University (Palmerston North)

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